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    ext2 and ext3 linux partitions read-write support in Windows

    25th October 2007

    Get the driver!

    There’s also another one, but provides read-only support.


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    Topologilinux 6.0.0 BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) fix

    1st September 2006

    Topologilinux ‘BSOD at launch’ problem solution is at the end of this post.

    Topologilinux is a special linux flavour, which is especially fit for the newcomers to the *nix world. The motto of Topologilunux is ‘Running Linux inside Windows’ – and that is what it does. Even more – you can run it inside windows, or you can boot into it and work Linux-only – in both cases the system is the same.
    Personally, I consider this kind of setup extremely useful for users who are strongly used to working in Windows (or just stuck with windows for too long), but at the same time are inclined to script a bit (be it bash, Perl, PHP or Python), to run server applications, write cross-platform programs, to test something or just play with software. With Topologilunux, it’s perfectly fine to work in DreamWeaver on your windows machine, and launch Topologilinux with apache+php+mysql to serve as a testing server – on that same machine. You can easily replicate the needed server config, and play with it the way you wouldn’t if that was the production server.
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