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    10 simple rules for getting published

    26th June 2009

    Recently, I have come across an excellent piece of advice called Ten simple rules for getting published. The only thing I have to add is that final rule #10 should be kept in mind while checking through all the previous rules – e.g. when editing someone’s submission, make sure that you are in position to be the editor for that article, and make sure your decision will influence chief editor’s decision – otherwise there’s no use reviewing.

    PLoS Computational Biology, where the “simple rules” were published, has a Ten simple rules collection, which includes a handful of other useful advice articles, like 10 simple rules for selecting a postdoctoral position.


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    My readers are natural-born workaholics

    12th June 2009

    Here’s the ultimate proof :) :


    One can clearly see that on weekends the number of unique visitors of my blog drops drastically to about 40-50% of the working week average.

    And yes, that is an almost perfect 5+2 pattern, which I’m observing for many months, like a week-long circadian rhythm. “Almost perfect” must be due to the differences in time zones.

    I wonder if the same pattern is characteristic for most web-sites… That is, if people mostly do the browsing at work, and not at home.

    Anybody wants to share the secret cycles of one’s blog audience?


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    I want a screen version of Nine Princes of Amber!

    1st May 2009

    In my childhood, I greatly enjoyed the series of novels by Roger Zelazny about the Amber multiverse. I also did enjoy the book by JRRT.

    Many of the epic and thrilling worlds have been brought to the wide screen in recent decades. So today I came to IMDB looking for just any film adaptation of the excellent novel series by Roger Zelazny, and found… nothing! Roger himself is accurately catalogued, though.

    The Amber multiverse seems to me even bigger than that of JRRT’s world, yet the LoTR has a screen version, and Amber doesn’t. That’s unfair! :) I want a screen version of Amber world!

    I’ve found a thread at IMDB, which asks for the movie, so I’m not alone in that.

    P.S. Inspired by the recently re-viewed episodes of SW, including the CW animation series.


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    Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine against autorun.inf viruses

    11th April 2009

    Linux users are not affected with a plethora of autorun.inf “viruses”, but that seems to be a real plague for Windows users.

    Ideologically correct solution is offered by Panda software – a free Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine. It can do two things for your Windows box:

    1. with a single click disable auto-execution of programs from USB sticks and CDs/DVDs, and
    2. with one more click – make the autorun.inf file on your pendrive inaccessible, so as to prevent infecting your USB stick with an “autorun.inf virus”.

    Program does not require installation, but requires Administrator privileges. It supports FAT/FAT32 pendrives, but NTFS-enabled version is being tested and should be made available shortly.

    Note, that if you perform step 2, re-enabling access to autorun.inf may require pendrive formatting. Also, after step 1 your favourite CDs and DVDs won’t start automatically anymore – but you will be able to start them manually.

    And, of course, Linux users have nothing to worry about (yet).


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    The Visualized Crisis of Credit

    26th February 2009

    Everybody already knows that, but this visualization is good:

    The Crisis of Credit Visualized by Jonathan Jarvis.


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    Office Live Workspace vs Google Docs?

    24th January 2009

    It was only today that I’ve noticed Microsoft Office Live in Available updates (using Microsoft update). Curiosity led me to find out that Office Live is a suite of online word processor, presentation editor, spreadsheet and note-taking software, limited to a 500 MiB diskspace – free, developed by Microsoft. Office Live appears to be built on top of SharePoint.

    Main emphasis of their website is on collaboration and access from anywhere to your documents. Although Firefox (together with IE) is listed as a supported browser on XP/Vista/MacOS (Linux is not listed), there is a note that some Office Live features require ActiveX. So Office Live is not really a match for Google Docs in portability (quite expectedly).

    An update installs some new menu commands into Office XP/2003/2007, which allow working with Office Live from within your local M$ software.

    I wonder if there is already an OO extension which allows working with Google Docs :) – no more wondering, here it is (thanks Paolo!).


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    Typealyzer: blog personality type

    1st January 2009

    Came across typealyzer, which allows to “determine” the blog author personality.

    Mine is ESTJ – The Guardians:

    The organizing and efficient type. They are especially attuned to setting goals and managing available resources to get the job done. Once they┬┤ve made up their mind on something, it can be quite difficult to convince otherwise. They listen to hard facts and can have a hard time accepting new or innovative ways of doing things.

    The Guardians are often happy working in highly structured work environments where everyone knows the rules of the job. They respect authority and are loyal team players.

    Typealyzer currently supports only English and Swedish blogs.


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