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    Pacific Rim: recommended

    22nd July 2013

    pacific-rim-posterYou don’t like FX-only movies, right? You can guess the plot from the trailer, and it then falls apart from the very first minutes – you just find it fairly hard to believe, without first turning off your brain – either willfully, if you are well-trained in mental/djedi techniques, or with the help of beer/other alcohol. Then, all you get are the special effects thrown in your face in the post-processing-added, ugly and eye-hurting 3D. There are a few “wow” moments, but that’s it – you leave the cinema with the mixed feelings of emptiness, lost time and money, and disappointment.

    If that sounds familiar – go watch Pacific Rim. Go with the above-described expectations. Do watch the HD trailer. Try not to read anything revealing the plot – that could be a serious spoiler. Just one hint: you may want to sit through the 3D credits (about 2 minutes) for one final movie scene. I’ve heard there’s also something after the non-3D credits, but wasn’t patient enough to verify that.

    Pacific Rim leaves a pleasant double-sided impression. Read the rest of this entry »


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