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    Microsoft’s perspective on

    26th December 2010

    On the 24th of September 2010 Microsoft posted a video showcase titled “A few perspectives on”. Here’s the page with the video: It asks to install silverlight, and if you don’t want that – look for the Watch as WMV direct videostream link.

    Just a single quote from Glyn Moody, Computerworld UK:

    The criticisms made in the video are not really the point – they are mostly about not being a 100% clone of Microsoft Office, and compatibility problems with Microsoft’s proprietary formats. The key issue is the exactly the same as it was for the Mindcraft benchmarks. You don’t compare a rival’s product with your own if it is not comparable. And you don’t make this kind of attack video unless you are really, really worried about the growing success of a competitor.

    See also what Savio Rodriguez (Infoworld) has to say about that video.


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    How to relay outgoing postfix emails via another mail server (e.g. your ISP)

    4th December 2010

    Here’s a simple and clear guide for gmail, which also definitely works with other relay hosts. I’ve used it to configure my ISP’s mail relay (they block outgoing port 25) on a Debian Squeeze laptop.


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