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    Archive for October 3rd, 2010

    Old news: flying cars get real!

    3rd October 2010

    You should already know that my preferred city vehicle is VentureOne (now called PersuHybrid, and still far from mass production – while Carver One, the original tilting three-wheeler, is now bankrupt/dead). It might be more realistic to go for Campagna’s T-Rex, which is in production since 1996.

    Now, welcome the Terrafugia’s Transition transformer flying car! It can drive as a car (and is sized as a car with wings folded), and it can fly as an air-plane! Now your trip to anywhere looks like “drive to the airport – fly – land – drive to gas station – repeat as needed”. Terrafugia claims that (on average) there’s a suitable airport every 60 miles in the US. And you can fit Transition into your average garage!

    That doesn’t (yet) feel like something from the future – and maybe that is why their prototype already had test flights, and they plan mass-production for 2011, and already have over 80 pre-orders.

    If only it had vertical take-off… :)


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    Linux server remote backup options

    3rd October 2010

    Recently I finally managed to configure remote (aka off-site) backup for my Debian server. As always, I started with a comparison of existing solutions.

    Debian has a number of packages enabling remote (over the network) backup: backupPC, backupninja, backup-manager, dirvish, duplicity, luckybackup, rdiff-backup, and some others.

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