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    Archive for March 1st, 2010

    Good online Python book with code examples

    1st March 2010

    Building Skills in Python: A Programmer’s Introduction to Python by Steven F. Lott (© 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 Steven F. Lott).


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    screen mastery with only 3 keyboard shortcuts

    1st March 2010

    screen is a must-use for anyone familiar with SSH sessions; it saves your time by keeping your console apps running even after (an unexpected) disconnect from the remote session.

    The easiest way to start with screen is screenie – an interface to screen. To use it, you only need to memorize a single keyboard shortcut: C-a d (Ctrl+a, d). This shortcut detaches (hides) your current screen session, allowing to resume later – either with the help of screenie, or by issuing screen -r command.

    After a while, with increased screen (and screenie) usage, you will find it inconvenient detaching every time you need a new screen session. Here comes the second keyboard shortcut: C-a c (Ctrl+a, c), which creates a new window within a current screen session, and switches to it.

    Finally, you will find it tiresome detaching to then re-attach to a different screen. C-a “ (Ctrl+a, Shift+’) will display a list of screen windows for you to select and switch to.

    Screenie, an excellent beginner’s interface to screen, is no longer needed after you memorize these 3 keyboard shortcuts.

    Many will say that this is a bare minimum, and also there is much more to screen than what you present here, and that will be true. However, these 3 shortcuts are sufficient for simple but convenient everyday screen sessions management.


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    ntfstruncate binary for Debian (resetting NTFS bad clusters counter)

    1st March 2010

    There is an excellent step-by-step instruction on resetting the bad clusters counter of an NTFS partition with linux-ntfs tools. I’ve checked – it works as expected:

    1. Back up important data from partition just in case
    2. Find out size of ‘$Bad’ attribute in $Badclus using ntfsinfo -i 8 partition (partition is for example /dev/sda1). It will be the “Allocated size” value in the “Dumping attribute $DATA (0x80)” (there will be two 0x80 attributes. Only one has an “Allocated size” line). Let us write down (remember) this size as ntfs_size.
    3. Use ntfstruncate partition 8 0x80 ‘$Bad’ 0 to set $Bad’s attribute length to zero.
    4. Use ntfstruncate partition 8 0x80 ‘$Bad’ ntfs_size to set $Bad’s attribute length back to proper value ntfs_size which was recorded in step 2.
    5. Boot into Windows and run chkdsk -f diskname. It will find errors and should fix them.

    However, Debian’s ntfsprogs package does not have the ntfstruncate binary.

    Here’s how you can easily build one yourself (you may need a few extra packages with build tools for that):
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