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    Archive for September 4th, 2008

    Google Chrome is not for Linux?

    4th September 2008

    I’ve tried it already under Windows, but as my main OS is Debian, I can’t use it :(

    You can sign up for updates on Linux version.

    After reading the Google Chrome book, it is a long time waiting for it to be released for Linux….

    Also, I’m looking forward for the plugins to enhance Chrome. Although it did import my settings/passwords(?!)/bookmarks from Firefox, but it has no Foxmarks, AdBlock and some other goodies I’m now used to on all the computers I regularly use.


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    4th September 2008

    These are the addresses for those who would like to travel lightly, meet new people, get new friends, hang out with interesting people, or just find a shelter for a night in the foreign country.

    I’m now registered in both systems (and getting “verified” in CS), and so far I stayed with three people (at two places) found via HC and CS. Both experiences were highly positive. Actually, my world outlook changed quite a bit after my first stay: I heard from someone that

    it’s better to trust wrong person once, than always distrust all the people

    But building trust, despite being central to HC ans CS, is only one – basic – component. Cultural exchange and knowledge sharing are also important, though so far I was unable to comprehend these components sufficiently to write on them.

    At the website, it appears to be popular to put some test/quiz results into profiles. These are the tests:
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