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    Archive for July 19th, 2008

    Iceweasel/Firefox 3: how to work-around random/erratic right-click action

    19th July 2008

    Update: as of FireFox/IceWeasel 3.0.14, this bug appears to be fixed.

    When right-clicking many links in FF3/IW3, it quite often happens so that a random action is performed instead of opening the context menu (bug report).

    One of the solutions work-arounds (suggested by Andre Pirard) is to slow-right-click, that is to hold the right mouse button down until the menu actually appears, then – and only then – release it. Or, you can even slow-right-click, move the pointer over the desired menu item, and then release – that will perform the desired action in a single long right click (instead of more common single right click with a following single left click.)

    Alternative workaround (found at the bug report page): install the mouse gestures add-on, and restart firefox. Tested: works for me.

    This bug/behaviour is otherwise unsolved.


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    Gnome, NetworkManager, and FireFox/IceWeasel 3 starting in Offline mode (also: Pidgin Waiting for network connection)

    19th July 2008

    For some reason, my IW 3 is now starting in Offline mode each time, despite my attempts to remove that checkbox every time. Also, Pidgin says “Waiting for network connection” in the status drop-down.

    Update: as suggested by Donny Kurnia (based on the recent post by Hobgoblin), the simplest and the most correct way to fix the problem for FireFox/IceWeasel is to go to about:config and set toolkit.networkmanager.disable to true.

    The simplest workaround for Pidgin is to open Accounts -> Manage, then remove and then set again the checkbox near the account you wish to get connected. This has to be done every time you start pidgin :( .

    Below you will find other (worse and obsolete – for FireFox/IceWeasel, but good for Pidgin) solutions.
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