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    Archive for March 31st, 2008

    AN Hosting affiliate program

    31st March 2008

    I have just joined AN Hosting Affiliate Program – you can tell by the new link in Web Hosting section in the right sidebar, and by the real huge banner on the blog hosting page (so huge actually that it won’t fit completely with smaller resolutions like 1024×768 and less). I do not yet know if this affiliate program is worth the trouble, but I did find good feedback for their hosting on Drupal forums (here and here and search for more), so that really was the initial reason to put the links to them.

    I would be interested in AN Hosting feedback, as I do plan to try their services one day.

    P.S. A Small orange (direct link) also has lots of positive feedback.


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    WordPress Drupalization

    31st March 2008

    Is that only me, or WordPress is really leaning towards the Drupal ideology?

    Here’s what I mean:

    • user levels were changed to user roles – just like in Drupal
    • now, instead of categories and just recently introduced tags, the word ‘taxonomy’ is used – which is a Drupal slang
    • ‘widgets’ work just like ‘blocks’ in Drupal – even style IDs are assigned the same way, e.g. id=”widget subscribe_to_comments_widget”
    • (add here the similarity you found yourself)

    I wonder, what will be next. PHPTemplate support, as default theming engine? :)
    Or no-backwards-compatibility policy?
    Or, best for WP users, advanced Drupal-like caching and throttling techniques?


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