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    Archive for December, 2007

    The IT Crowd

    22nd December 2007

    The IT Crowd is a British sitcom.
    I greatly enjoyed both seasons (a total of 12 episodes).
    Though somewhat and sometimes primitive, The IT Crowd is highly enjoyable and recommended for watching.


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    Ultimate boot CD – diagnostic, testing, and recovery utilities collection

    21st December 2007

    Today, using memtest86, system speed test, hddspeed and some other DOS utilities for diagnosing and testing PC hardware, I decided to put together my own simple bootable utility CD disk. But first, I did some searching to find if something similar exists.

    It does exist – Ultimate boot CD. That CD has numerous freeware testing and diagnosing utilities which will help you – if you are up to some good old (read “small fast”) DOS utilities. And not that old, actually – modern hardware is supported.

    The only modification I’ll do to the Ultimate boot CD will be adding freeware bin/hex viewer/editor. Surely, more utils to come – with original size of just 115MB, there’s plenty of room to add extensions. You can even extend the CD image with non-free software, like Partition Magic.

    P.S. To diagnose and fix software problems – have a look at System Rescue CD.


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    Need a computer science paper? Try SCIgen!

    9th December 2007

    Quite an entertaining story:
    SCIgen at wikipedia
    SCIgen tool
    SCIgen blog

    Finally, just a useful resource if you need a shiny name for your brand-new 2.0-beta project: anagram server.


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