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    Archive for October 25th, 2007

    Using libmp3lame-enabled ffmpeg on shared hosting

    25th October 2007

    Update: there’s now a much more recent post on how to install libmp3lame-enabled ffmpeg on shared linux hosting.

    As Gabe pointed out in my post with compiled ffmpeg Linux binaries, there is a relatively simple method of adding file to your shared hosting so that ffmpeg executable will see the library:

    You can upload as well to the shared hosting site and when you call ffmpeg, call something to set an environment variable right before the call to ffmpeg i.e. in php I’d do exec(”export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/lib/with/lame; /path/to/ffmpeg [ffmpegargs]”); That way you can use the uploaded lame. I hope that helps someone as I have been unable to find any info on how to use an uploaded lame. I’ve tried it and it works on godaddy.

    Hope this helps.

    Update: here’s (from slackware 2.4.x, lame-3.97). I have no idea if it’ll work in your (shared hosting) environment; it is provided AS IS, use at your own risk etc. I can only state that the archived binary file at the moment of upload was indeed from my elderly Slackware with 2.4.x kernel.


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    ext2 and ext3 linux partitions read-write support in Windows

    25th October 2007

    Get the driver!

    There’s also another one, but provides read-only support.


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