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    Archive for August 30th, 2007

    Elegantly converting Python list into another list with changed items

    30th August 2007

    I just had a small problem with my Python script:

    1. I have a list of tuples, called records_cache; each tuple looks like this:
    (note: for copy-pasting, click the PLAIN TEXT box headers)

    1. (ensembl_transcript_id, ensembl_gene_id, chrom_start, chrom_end, utr_start, utr_end, sequence, strand)

    2. I need to INSERT only some of those values into MySQL table, using the MySQLdb executemany() method. The values I need are utr_start, utr_end, ensembl_gene_id (in exactly this order).

    To do this, I need to create another list of tuples, but with shorter 3-item tuples. Let us call the new list genes_update.

    Here is the elegant, though probably not the most efficient, solution:
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