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    Archive for August 13th, 2007

    Slackware Linux + ATI video drivers: extremely slow fgl_glxgears problem solution

    13th August 2007

    I had just installed the latest ATI video drivers for Linux onto my Slackware 11 (with kernel; I have Radeon Mobility X600 with 64MiB of non-shared memory.

    Running glxgears, I got ~2050 FPS (glxgears window focused) and ~4900 FPS (console window focused, glxgears window out of focus).

    But running fgl_glxgears yielded values as low as 1 FPS! As fgl_glxgears is much more similar to the real-world game visuals, it’s apparent that no game will be playable at e.g. 0.2 FPS.

    Also, there were numerous repetitions of a single error in the console window:

    FGLTexMgr: open of shared memory object failed (Function not implemented) __FGLTexMgrCreateObject: __FGLTexMgrSHMmalloc failed! fglX11AllocateManagedSurface: __FGLTexMgrCreateObject failed!

    I found the solution which worked perfectly for me:
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