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    Archive for June 25th, 2007

    Practical Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    25th June 2007

    Googling for “practical artificial intelligence” gives only two (somewhat) relevant links:

    Looks like it isn’t widely acknowledged, that AI is, in fact, quite widely used. Though primarily in OCR, TTS, STT :), and NLP (including machine translation).


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    Check rw-mounted linux filesystem without reboot

    25th June 2007

    If you happen to need to check your linux filesystem, which is mounted read-write, and for some reason you do not want to reboot, then the simple sequence of commands listed below should help you. Note, that the commands provided put you into single-user mode, which kills web-server and mysql daemon.

    So, running e2fsck on a live (mounted) filesystem isn’t recommended – and f2sck asks if you really want to check the rw-mounted FS (be sure to answer ‘n’o). If the FS you want to check is root (/), you cannot also re-mount it read-only – unless first you go to single-user mode:

    init 1

    Now you can re-mount your FS read-only:

    mount -o ro,remount /dev/cobd0

    (/dev/cobd0 is my device, replace it for your device when repeating step-by-step).
    Filesystem is now read-only, and it’s safe to run e2fsck:

    e2fsck -D -C 0 -f -t -v /dev/cobd0

    e2fsck options are optional:
    -D: optimize directory structure
    -C 0: show progress
    -f: force check (use if you get “volume is clean” with no check)
    -t: e2fsck timing statistics
    -v: verbose mode

    Finally, return to your previous user mode:

    init 3


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    GeneDoc: DNA editing, alignment, analyser and shading software

    25th June 2007

    Full Featured Multiple Sequence Alignment Editor, Analyser and Shading Utility for Windows.

    Small and convenient. Can do sequence alignments (I recommend to limit the length to 2kb for alignments).

    Latest version I found: updated July, 2001, GeneDoc version # 2.6.02.

    Drawback: windows only (but has GNU-licence sources).


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