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    Archive for May 31st, 2007

    How to make PEAR work from behind an HTTP proxy (Windows and Linux)

    31st May 2007

    Earlier in one of my posts (Using PEAR HTTP_Client or HTTP_Request with HTTP proxy) I gave an example of using PEAR HTTP_Client and/or HTTP_Request from behind an http proxy. However, I didn’t tell how to make PEAR itself work properly from behind an HTTP proxy (e.g., for online operations like “pear upgrade-all”).

    So here’s that tiny missing bit of information.

    Launch regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment, and create a string value called PHP_PEAR_HTTP_PROXY. Modify that new value to hold the string like: http://proxy_username:proxy_password@proxy_server_address:proxy_port.

    In the Terminal/Konsole, execute (for a system-wide pear configuration)

    sudo pear config-set http_proxy http://proxy_username:proxy_password@proxy_server_address:proxy_port

    If your proxy password has symbols, special for the shell (e.g. question or exclamation mark) – enclose full proxy specifications with single-quotes, e.g.

    sudo pear config-set http_proxy ‘http://proxy_username:proxy_password@proxy_server_address:proxy_port’

    If your HTTP proxy server does not require authentication, then use http://proxy_server_address:proxy_port instead.

    I think the strings are completely self-explanatory; however, here’s an example of proxy (with authentication) specification: http://john.smith:CrAzYP433WoRd@


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