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    Archive for May 5th, 2007

    Recommended software: Sequoia View

    5th May 2007

    I think Sequoia View is a must-have utility program.
    “Why?” – you may ask.

    Because it lets you actually see you hard disk hogs. With this program you will know exactly which files/folders occupy too much hard disk space to keep them any longer.

    The program is free, latest version is 1.3 and it was released in November 2002. However, WinXP is supported (don’t know about Vista).

    See this page for more information and the download link.

    Alternatively, contact me and I’ll try to mail you the setup program (which is circa 500KB).

    Update: SequoiaView appears to ignore files larger than or equal to 4 GiB. Please comment to prove or disprove.

    Update 2: here’s a KDirStat-based alternative, WinDirStat.


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    Nonanticipatory: definition

    5th May 2007

    Nonanticipatory (system or predictor) is a (system or predictor) where the output y(t) at some specific instant t0 only depends on the input x(t) for values of t less than or equal to t0. Therefore these kinds of (systems or predictors) have outputs and internal states that depend only on the current and previous input values.

    In simpler words, nonanticipatory systems can “take into account” only past and present, and cannot base their behaviour/decisions on future expectations.

    Nonanticipatory systems are also known as causal systems.


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    Do not buy at the BamBook internet-shop

    5th May 2007

    BamBook is a Kyiv-based internet shop.

    On the 28th of February, 2007, I ordered a book from them, and paid for it with a credit card at the time of order. Soon I had a confirmation email, which said that the book will be delivered not later than the 16th of March (they promise 10-working-days delivery, so the date looked fine).

    At the end of March, after writing several emails to BamBook, they responded with an official-looking “sorry for delay” and “we’ll do our best to deliver soon”.

    After calling them on the 3rd of April I came to know that they at the moment actually do not have the book I ordered. They asked if I’m willing to wait for around two weeks, so that they “try” to order that book and then (add 10 working days) deliver it to me. I said NO, I WANT MY MONEY BACK with that kind of service you have! OK, they said.

    Nothing changed until April, 23. So I called them again. They promised to return money again.

    Another call was on the 3rd of May. They said that “refund is being processed”. I hope you imagine what kind of a company they are, if a simple refund processing requires whole month to be complete… or not complete, as nothing changed as of today, the 5th of May.

    Update: as of May, 27, there are no changes, despite some more efforts put into getting anything from this real crappy Bambook internet-shop.

    Conclusion: avoid BamBook internet-shop at all costs. Better go give your money to the beggar on the street – faster, with no troubles, and no waiting for anything.


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    Sampled Pattern Matching (SPM) definition

    5th May 2007

    “… consider a universal predictor based on pattern matching: Given a sequence Xi,… ,Xn drawn from a stationary mixing source, it predicts the next symbol Xn+i based on selecting a context of Xn+i. The predictor, called the Sampled Pattern Matching (SPM), is a modification of the Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski pseudo random generator algorithm. It predicts the value of the most frequent symbol appearing at the so called sampled positions. These positions follow the occurrences of a fraction of the longest suffix of the original sequence that has another copy inside XiX2 … Xn. In other words, in SPM the context selection consists of taking certain fraction of the longest match. The study of the longest match for lossless data compression was initiated by [Aaron D.] Wyner and Ziv in their 1989 seminal paper.”
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