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    How to find absolute path on a web-server (using PHP)

    30th April 2007

    When using PHP, the simplest way to find the absolute path of your files/folders on the server is by creating a simple path.php file with the following contents (click on the “Plain text” box header for copy-pasting):

    1. <?php
    2. echo realpath(dirname(__FILE__));
    3. ?>

    Put the new file anywhere in the web-accessible folder on your server,
    then just access that file from your favourite web-browser – and you’ll have the absolute path shown to you.

    Alternatively, you may use the following code:

    1. <?php
    2. echo getcwd();
    3. ?>

    This also should display the absolute path on your server.


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    Ukrainian PrivatBank launches WordPress blog

    16th April 2007

    PrivatBank is one of the largest Ukrainian banks, and is very active in the field of e-commerce.

    Today I came across their new blog, which is a WordPress-powered one.
    From the first glance I’d say that it’s here where PrivatBank now publishes the news – before the blog launch, news were published on the privatbank’s website. The main and only difference appears to be in comments – now visitors can comment on those news, and even get response.

    I wonder how many “comment-responders” PrivatBank had to hire to launch this blog :). Or is that tech-support which was given one more duty? :)


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    Does background-image display on top of background-color?

    10th April 2007

    Yes, it should.
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    The vehicle I’d prefer for the city

    7th April 2007

    The VentureOne by Venture Vehicles.
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    Octopus escaping through a 2.5-cm hole (video)

    7th April 2007

    .. and Pentagon has a competition on liquid robots.


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    An updated list of systems biology conferences

    4th April 2007

    … regularly updated since 2003: systems biology upcoming conferences

    Here’s the list as of the moment of writing:
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    President of Ukraine signed a decree on the dissolution of the Parliament

    2nd April 2007

    About half an hour ago, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko announced that he signed a decree which dissolves current Parliament.

    According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the President has the right to dissolve the Parliament if it fails to function.

    Recent events, which involved the attempts of the situational majority in the Parliament (around the Party of Regions) to usurp power in Ukraine first by limiting the President’s influence, and recently by giving out minister positions to the key people from the (“orange”) opposition and making people join the majority, forced the President to use his right and dissolve the Parliament.

    There is much more to add and comment on this. However, it is already evident that Ukrainian members of parliament aren’t going to just give up. They had just passed a law which… prohibits publishing the President’s decree. And the decree comes into effect only on publishing. At the same time, some of the Ukrainian MP’s applied to the Constitutional Court to decide whether the President’s decree is a legal attempt to dissolve the Parliament. I think it’s more of delaying action, than action itself.

    More to come, for sure. I only hope the situation will not be pushed to the sane limits – where the militia, controlled by the pro-Parliament minister, and the military forces, possibly loyal to the President, will have to stand against each other. I also hope that there will be no violence, and law-abiding citizens won’t get hurt.


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