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    Archive for March, 2007

    Why Zope 3 is just great

    15th March 2007

    Recently I learned about Zope, which is an “open source web application server”, primarily written in Python.

    Then Django and Turbogears were seen as web-development frameworks akin to Zope. Search revealed an interesting anti-Zope rant at Zope vs Django. Reading until the end, and then following the comments, I came across the comment by Holger Froebe, which is a huge one (probably the longest comment I had ever seen), and represents a detailed explanation with examples of the reasons to use Zope 3. I found that comment to be a really good-written one, so if you are deciding on whether you should use Zope 3 or not, then read the comment here (scroll down or just search for “Holger Froebe”).

    For convenience and in order to preserve this worhty piece of work from vanishing, below is the 99%-exact copy-paste of that comment.
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    Ada: Type System

    15th March 2007

    If you didn’t read the Ada programming book I earlier recommended, then here’s the excerpt on Ada type system.

    Note: the excerpt is taken from this chapter, with copyrights belonging to respective authors.

    Here is the Ada types hierarchy (click for larger image):
    Ada types tree

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    GoDaddy shared hosting: too slow?

    12th March 2007

    Note: have a look at other hosting options.

    Update 7: I’m now quite satisfied with page generation times. See other updates at the end of the post and comments to find out more.
    Update 8: this blog is not at godaddy anymore for the reasons which have nothing to do with speed.

    I’m currently using GoDaddy shared hosting plan. I noticed that my blog, as it grows in popularity and visitors, displays a wide range of page-response times. The best I had seen so far was below 3 seconds of page generation time (note: _not_ page loading, but page generation). If it were the average, I would be happy. However, much more frequently observed times are in range of 20-30 seconds per page. Sometimes pages even timeout, as my uptime tracker service is reporting (For February, there were 100 minutes of unresponsive pages, for March – already over 10 hours!!!).

    For example, today around 16:00 GMT the following statistics were reported by my blog:

    22 queries.
    33.416 seconds.

    Evidently, this is unacceptably slow.
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    Parkour videos collection

    11th March 2007

    Do you know what is parkour? If not – this videos collection will tell you :)

    (But, in short, the philosophy is: “100% efficiency in urban movement”.)

    All the videos (except for two) are embedded from the Parkour series at ExpertVillage. As a side note: ExpertVillage shows ads before the video from time to time.

    To start with, you may want to know the short history of parkour. Here is a movie from one of the parkour-evangelists:

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    Ada Programming book at Wikipedia

    10th March 2007

    About a month ago I found this good Ada Programming book at Wikipedia Books.

    I already have some (minor) knowledge in Ada, and read some books/tutorials. I had only started reading the above-mentioned book, but from the very “Basics” I liked the narration and details provided (e.g., I do not recollect encountering the renaming of packages as a short-cut used instead of ‘use’ing packages).

    If the book continues in at least the same style, depth and examples enrichment, then I can recommend this book for those who want to study/refresh the Ada Programming knowledge and skills.

    It is from this book that I learned that GNAT “is the only Ada compiler that supports all of the optional annexes of the language standard”.


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    Drupal internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n)

    10th March 2007

    This is a collection of links related to the multiple-language content in Drupal CMS.

    i18n module
    i18n: Getting the whole thing to work :
    Patch: Translations of menu titles and descriptions:
    Translated links:
    i18n: menu not expanding with URL-Alias:

    There was an alternative module to i18n, but I cannot find it at the moment.


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    Geo-tracking visitors, part 3

    7th March 2007

    Just came across yet another geo-tracking visitors service. (For two more, see my previous posts on ClustrMaps.)
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