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    Archive for March 30th, 2007

    Pattern matching and prediction (part 2)

    30th March 2007

    (This series started with Pattern matching and prediction, part 1)

    For part 2, I wanted to start (and probably also end) with Cybula’s AURA (universal pattern matcher, white-paper dated 2004). AURA is said to be built around Correlation Matrix Memory (CMM). CMMs were developed (or picked up for development?) by Prof. Austin, the founder of Cybula, in 1986.

    The white paper tells us that

    The now ubiquitous neural network methods such as Kohonen Networks, Radial Basis Function networks and Kohnen networks all allow users develop good pattern matching systems for small problems, where they excel. However, when the problems grow to large datasets, and where very high performance is needed, they become limited. … The well known k-Nearest Neighbour methods (k-NN) is a relatively good pattern matching method that has been constantly shown to operate well on many problems, however, it suffers from slow operation on large data problems.

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