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    Archive for March 18th, 2007

    Jason Calacanis on Gillmor Gang, Netscape, and Starting a Company

    18th March 2007

    PodTech had an interview with Jason Calacanis published on October 3, 2006.

    You can download the video from the source page, or use my local copy.

    As for the “starting a company” part, which goes closer to the end of the video, Jason recommends focusing on a single thing and excel in it. That is, if you are starting a company to host user blogs – then think on what you can do better than others in the field, instead of adding ontop of your blogs some additional not-that-really-related services.

    Jason also foresees great future for the internet advertising, providing as an example iTunes-like shops providing TV shows for download, and – of course – embedding some ads. The same goes for user-generated content providers, which are viewed by the producers and sellers as good platforms to promote and sell their goods.


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    TrackMania: distributed gaming

    18th March 2007

    As I earlier said, computer games are evil. After nearly half a year of not playing any computer games, I spent a few hours on “trackmania nations” racing.

    Probably the only reason of writing about trackmania is the system of “distributed gameplay” in this game. As I am not a gamer, I do not know if trackmania was the first to introduce the “distributed gaming and ranking system”, but the system itself is very appealing and even akin to the computational efforts like The GRID and seti/folding@home etc.
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