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    Archive for March 15th, 2007

    Humorous criticism of web-development frameworks

    15th March 2007

    Why I hate frameworks? by Benji Smith. Recommended to anybody involved in web-development and familiar with the concept of web-development frameworks. (For the serious stuff, see my post on Why Zope 3 is just great.)


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    Why Zope 3 is just great

    15th March 2007

    Recently I learned about Zope, which is an “open source web application server”, primarily written in Python.

    Then Django and Turbogears were seen as web-development frameworks akin to Zope. Search revealed an interesting anti-Zope rant at Zope vs Django. Reading until the end, and then following the comments, I came across the comment by Holger Froebe, which is a huge one (probably the longest comment I had ever seen), and represents a detailed explanation with examples of the reasons to use Zope 3. I found that comment to be a really good-written one, so if you are deciding on whether you should use Zope 3 or not, then read the comment here (scroll down or just search for “Holger Froebe”).

    For convenience and in order to preserve this worhty piece of work from vanishing, below is the 99%-exact copy-paste of that comment.
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    Ada: Type System

    15th March 2007

    If you didn’t read the Ada programming book I earlier recommended, then here’s the excerpt on Ada type system.

    Note: the excerpt is taken from this chapter, with copyrights belonging to respective authors.

    Here is the Ada types hierarchy (click for larger image):
    Ada types tree

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