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    Archive for March 12th, 2007

    GoDaddy shared hosting: too slow?

    12th March 2007

    Note: have a look at other hosting options.

    Update 7: I’m now quite satisfied with page generation times. See other updates at the end of the post and comments to find out more.
    Update 8: this blog is not at godaddy anymore for the reasons which have nothing to do with speed.

    I’m currently using GoDaddy shared hosting plan. I noticed that my blog, as it grows in popularity and visitors, displays a wide range of page-response times. The best I had seen so far was below 3 seconds of page generation time (note: _not_ page loading, but page generation). If it were the average, I would be happy. However, much more frequently observed times are in range of 20-30 seconds per page. Sometimes pages even timeout, as my uptime tracker service is reporting (For February, there were 100 minutes of unresponsive pages, for March – already over 10 hours!!!).

    For example, today around 16:00 GMT the following statistics were reported by my blog:

    22 queries.
    33.416 seconds.

    Evidently, this is unacceptably slow.
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