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    What is an autonomous (intelligent) agent?

    6th November 2006

    What is an autonomous “intelligent” agent? moved to

    In this post, some definitions and examples are given. This is an introductory text.

    First of all there is a need to explain why “intelligent” is in braces in the title. Well, it’s simple: whatever the agents are at the moment of writing, they are just specific, narrow algorithms with no signs of intelligence. As soon as I come across the evidence of the contrary, I will happily remove the braces around “intelligent”. But for now – braces stay.

    What is an agent? According to the numerous sources I checked, agent is an entity with some characteristic features. These fundamental features are:
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    Drupal 5.0 beta-1 available since October, 31

    6th November 2006

    Well, not a news, actually, but this one seems important.

    Following the discussions, installation and administrative interface became much simpler, and thus easier for newbies. Other first-impression change is said to be the new default theme, which looks good as well.

    I will surely check this new release out very soon, but for now you can try one yourself.

    Update: beta-2 is available since November, 28, with over 160 bugs fixed.


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