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    Archive for October 28th, 2006

    List of free DNS services

    28th October 2006

    Information taken from:

    1.; 5 names; A, MX, NS; mail forwarding, web forwarding
    2.; 20 names; A, MX, NS; web forwarding, dynamic domains
    3.; 3 names; A, MX, NS; web forwarding, mail forwarding, backup MX
    4.; unlimited names; A, MX; web forwarding, paid mail forwarding
    5.; no limit; A, MX, NS (I keep several domains there; quite good as for a free service)
    6. (UA-IX only); unlimited names; A, MX, NS; primary only
    7.; unlimited names; secondary only
    8.; unlimited names; secondary only
    9. (suggested in comments; looks promising – I now have one domain there)

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