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    Archive for October 18th, 2006

    HTTP caching: request and response headers

    18th October 2006

    In this post: some caching-related HTTP request and response headers discussed.

    Modern websites are “dynamic” by nature – content you get depends on a number of variables and conditions. The simplest example – being a “guest” or a “registered” user of some forum; in both cases you get content generated by the same script/program, but it differs because of your “registered” state.

    Another example – web-photogallery. By design, it is wise to always keep the original photo (the largest and presumably of the highest quality). When gallery visitor’s browser requests any smaller version of the photo – we can dynamically resize (often downsize) the original and feed the resulting photo to the browser. This scheme works OK until your gallery gets more and more visitors – CPU load climbs up and increases wait time when accessing your gallery. Evidently, caching is needed.
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