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    Archive for October 1st, 2006

    Search Hilite (highlight) WordPress plugin

    1st October 2006

    When you search something on the Internet, it is always convenient to have your search terms highlighted in every page you find. Often you need to use “Cached page” to see your terms – which is not quite convenient and comfortable.

    Did you think about the convenience of those of your visitors who came to your blog from, say, Google? If not – it is the time to. With the Seacrh Hilite WP plugin you can highlight search terms in your page, if your visitor comes from Google, Yahoo, Lycos or Baidu, or even your own blog’s search.

    This plugin is installed and activated as usual.

    I’d recommend to: go to Options > Search Hilite, set the “take CSS Style from my Stylesheet” checkbox, cut the sample CSS code from the box just below the checkbox, and paste it into your theme’s style.css file (without the lines “< style type='text/css' >” at the beginning and “< /style >” at the end). This decreases generated HTML page size, and is a proper way to handle styles.

    Another tip is to edit the wp-content/plugins/search-hilite/search-hilite.php file and add the following line at the and of the file, just after other similar add_filter lines:

    1. add_filter(’the_title’, ‘hilite’);

    This will enable highlighting in the post titles, not only content. However, is the search term to be highlighted occurs within the “title” of a link, it’s display will be broken. I contacted plugin author, asking what can be done about it. As soon as there is an answer – I’ll add it here.


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    Optimal Title WordPress plugin

    1st October 2006

    This might be the simplest thing to do in your blog – put the post title in front of the blog name. And the plugin to do so is simple – but still appreciated for the effort. Get it and enjoy.

    P.S. If you read the WP Codex, especially the paragraph on reversing page title display – please see the comments at “optimal title” home for explanations why the plugin is better.


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    Google Browser Sync

    1st October 2006

    Today I came across Google Browser Sync once again. It allows you to synchronize the current state of two or more Firefox installations on different computers. Here, “state” means bookmarks, history, open tabs, persistent cookies and saved passwords.

    I didn’t try it yet, as I do not feel like syncing my work PC with home PC :)
    However, I’m a long-time user of Foxmarks, which allows to sync only bookmarks, and works perfect for me – especially after the recent update to version 0.8.


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    Gallery2 AdSense: no module?

    1st October 2006

    If you ever need to add AdSense units to your Gallery2 installation, and find no module for this – try following the text below. I compiled it from several sources (primary Gallery2 forum), and did everything written here myself here.

    Primary source of information was this post, but I recommend that you follow instructions here.

    To add AdSense to your Gallery2 sidebar (when using the Matrix theme as a sample): Read the rest of this entry »


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    1st October 2006

    I do not know why, but I’m getting this error from time to time in my gallery… It seems to behave like a measure of entropy :-)
    To fix it when “entropy broke loose” the first time, I did some searching and found the solution in different topics of the official gallery2 forum. The text below was prepared based on forum searches and the official gallery2 FAQ.

    If you get ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE from your Gallery2 installation, when adding new photos or creating albums, then most probably there is a problem in a mysql database with the g2_SequenceId table.
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