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    Archive for September 23rd, 2006

    AdSense section targeting

    23rd September 2006

    If you use AdSense, and want to make more visitors actually click on ads, you might consider using Google’s “AdSense Section Targeting”. It’s really simple: you just have to put the text for which you want relevant ads displayed within a pair of HTML comment blocks (like < !--more-- > you might have used earlier). At the start of the text section you need ads for put this comment:
    < !-- google_ad_section_start -- >
    And at the end – this one:
    < !-- google_ad_section_end -- >
    If the text section(s) you marked this way are sufficiently long, and AdSense has relevant ads – they will be displayed.

    You can also mark text sections which you would like to be ignored by AdSense. To do so, instead of the previously shown “start” comment block use this one:
    < !-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -- >
    Do not forget to close with the end tag!


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